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Australian Support Contact:
Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636
13 11 14
Life in Danger
Call - 000
Kids Helpline
1800 55 1800

Always seek Professional help if you are

feeling unstable in mind, it is important to seek Professional help from a trained Physician for structure & guidance. My writings & information do not replace the consultation of a professional Physician. It's okay to ask for help, if you feel you are in danger of self harm or other please seek support in your 

Country, Town, Region,

Australian support lines TOP.....

Sunset Melody
It's Okay to be SAD, It's Okay to ask for HELP!

Always seek help from a professional, my research, work & opinion are just that, I offer what I know after years of guiding students through my Martial Arts schools & a wise guide upon this Earth, my words & guidance are of support & love as a fellow Human.  We are all connected!  (Salty)

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