The new age of music,

that flows with the energy that life exists within, that has the ability to attract & evoke healing,

that has the ability to engage feelings that allows your mind to open outside of the field of possibility,

that allows your mind to flow with frequencies & tones in the abstract universal order!


We are music,

ever flowing energies that attract positive & negative to ourselves as we endeavour to maintain balance - yin/yang.

We can never be one or the other, it is not the souls journey, we are but a cell in the universal structure,



Needs 60% to evolve, just as the caterpillar needs within the sack (cocoon), it needs 60% of the DNA protein cells

to believe that they can make the most beautiful butterfly,

What part do you want to play in the universal structure?

You are not on Earth at this time by mistake, you have a role to play!


Slavery of Music,

As Humanity has been enslaved, so has music, to corporations & money brokers, if we free music, we free the healing abilities for Humanity!

You are here on a journey not to worship money, if you work towards what you desire & believe in it, your life will change!

You have been born with free will, you get to choose your reality, you're not what you have been brainwashed to believe you are or what is possible for you, stand up, wake up, you are an amazing, gifted talented Human BEING, you are infinite possibility....


Don't forget the journey!