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Abstract Soundscape

Creator of Background Music & Soundscapes

© Abstract Soundscape

432 Hz Earth's Natural Frequency
Mystical - Surf II Interstellar - Space II Experimental II Relaxation

Abstract Soundscape created by Salty

for the purpose of humanity, personal growth & as a helping aid in your life journey,

Note from Salty;

I am passionate as a Universal guide to bring knowledge to you, there is no fee, all I ask is that you apply yourself to yourself, that there is a knowing you may not be aware of, the structure of thought has been taught to us this does not make it right, ask yourself if there was another way to understand yourself, to change yourself, to better your life would you put as much effort in as you apply to doubting yourself, to sabotaging yourself, to believing negative over positive?

Yes you can change your life, without a shadow of doubt if by changing every negative thought to a positive and believing in what you do want to change, it will change! The CODE in life is, positive affirmation believing is the CODE you can only have what you believe, yes it's that simple we have been set up to fail, like programming a computer, you can reset the software of your mind! 

Science Museum Space Exploration

Salty is a,

  • Musician/Researcher of Frequency & Tone,   

  • Creator / Producer of Experimental-Abstract Music

  • Narrator / Writer of Wisdom Within'


Creator Soundscapes for Mind Health - Music Therapy.


Creator/Producer @ STUDIO 432 

Member - Macquarie Institute Australia (HeartMath)


Narrator of  Wisdom Within' Affirmation Tracks



Creating & producing music soundscapes in various

alternate frequencies for relaxation & video projects.


Research - Frequency & tone,

The effect on the human mind & body.

Abstract Soundscape

 Experimental  Music

I 'am but a receiver tapping into the field of possibility, I will never be greater than the infinite creator that loves and guides me or than any being, we all seed from the void, no matter what realm you are assigned, we all return to the void, the first thought of creation.
Who am I ?  What can I become?
We are infinite possibility

Music is a vibration, that provokes emotion,

Emotion provokes a feeling,

Feeling is energy & Energy is magnetic!

Nikola Tesla

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