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"Within the Father-Mother Mind, mortal children are at home. " The Kybalion"
''There is not one who is Fatherless, nor Motherless in the Universe. " The Kybal

Personal growth is a lifelong journey that requires continuous effort and dedication. It involves developing new skills, expanding knowledge, and improving oneself in various aspects of life. Empowering personal growth is about taking control of your life and making intentional choices that lead to a fulfilling and meaningful existence. here you can explore, some practical tips and strategies to help you on your personal growth journey.

The seven Laws of the Universe

There are seven Universal laws that govern all the processes of creation; management and evolution of the Universe, of the seven, four are fundemental: they govern & control all the processes of development and evolution of consciousness within the human species, any where in the Universe. These four Laws constitute the lower triangle, and the Law of Evolution is the superior Law which governs the lower triangle also called "triangle of Hell", which constitutes the lower part of the Universal Laws.

Learn about these four laws which govern human experience.

  • Nature

  • Harmony

  • Correspondence

  • Evolution         

 Learn about the seven Universal Laws     

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Empower Growth

You can change your life,
Simply start to understand that you create your life and it all starts with thought. Stop living your life on auto pilot, take the controls and start creating the life you truely desire,
Start living your journey!
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