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Frequency plays a crucial role in the human body. From the rhythm of our heartbeat to the frequency of our brain waves, our bodies are constantly vibrating at different frequencies. Understanding the importance of frequency in our bodies can help us maintain optimal health and well-being.


Whilst I never get into the argument of frequency in music, the argument of which is best (440Hz) or other frequencies has always been argued on the Earth. I record & experiment in alternate frequencies simply because different frequencies effect our body as we are antenna and susceptible to frequencies.


There is no law that dictates what frequency you can record music in so that has the power to debunk the (440Hz) argument. In the early 30's-40's & the rise of technology in equipment & instruments (440Hz) was chosen as the setting standard that's all it is a standard you can step out of the standard, I'm abstract so it would make sense that I would step out of the standard.


To the listener it's a matter of what you resinate with. 

Frequency & Tones have an effect on our mind & body as our brain decodes frequency, waves of tone effects our emotions


as quoted by Nicola Tesla "

Music is a vibration, that provokes emotion, Emotion provokes a feeling, Feeling is energy & Energy is magnetic"


Frequencies Abstract Soundscape record music tracks,

will depend on the tone.


The application of using frequencies to heal the body had already been suggested by the American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) who pioneered electrical technology. He said,

“If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.”

Many pollutants have been found to lower healthy body frequency. Processed or canned foods, for example, tend to have a frequency of zero. On the contrary, fresh produce has up to 15 MHz, dried herbs from 12 to 22 MHz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Below is a table about his findings on the human body and food frequencies.


Genius Brain Frequency 80–82 MHz

Brain Frequency Range 72–90 MHz

Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz

Human Body 62–78 MHz

Human Body from Neck up 72–78 MHz

Human Body from Neck down 60–68 MHz

Thyroid and Parathyroid glands 62–68 MHz

Thymus gland 65–68 MHz

Heart is 67–70 MHz

Lungs 58–65 MHz

Liver 55–60 MHz

Pancreas 60–80 MHz​



Colds and the Flu start at 57–60 MHz

Disease starts at 58 MHz

Candida overgrowth starts at 55 MHz

Receptive to Epstein Barr at 52 MHz

Receptive to Cancer at 42 MHz

Death begins at 25 MHz

Frequency (432Hz)

Earth's Natural Frequency

Benefit of listening to (432Hz)

Music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, and is said to provide greater clarity and is easier on the ears. 


Fresh Foods 20–27 Hz

Fresh Herbs 20–27 Hz

Dried Foods 15–22 Hz

Dried Herbs 15–22 Hz

Processed/Canned Food Zero Hz

Solfeggio Frequencies -Healing Tones (417Hz) - (528Hz) - (963Hz)


Research & experimenting in the benefits for Mind Health & Healing properties.


• 417 Hz – This frequency can facilitate change, bringing someone closer to Spirit and helping them return to their life's purpose. It can cleanse traumatic experiences and influences.

• 528 Hz – DNA repair and transformation. Healing our DNA increases our life energy, gives us clarity of mind, greater awareness, creativity and opens us to deep spiritual experiences. When used in conjunction with clear intention and channelling, this frequency can have the ability to bring about miracles.


• 963 Hz – Connected with Spirit and the return to oneness, this tone can awaken any system to its original, perfect state.     SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES

According to Dr. Valerie Hunt, 

each toxic substance distorts the negative equilibrium that exists in the cellular level. Toxins depolarize the cell, which then becomes south polarized and ends up losing its ability to attract magnetic energy. This can lead to physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual diseases.

Music is frequency programming, music is frequency, what frequency are you being fed?

If I play with those frequencies I can target certain parts of the mind. The brain processes information electrically, it communicates with the cellular structure electrically and it operates within a certain band of frequency.

If you can broadcast frequencies carrying information; carrying information & perceptions within the frequency that the brain decodes information, the brain will decode those frequencies and have those perceptions. You can externally by broadcasting  these frequencies you can externally influence peoples perceptions by broadcasting these frequencies that we interact with because we are antenna.

As we now play our music at 440Hz WHY? It use to be 417Hz. (A) 440Hz came in with the Roman Catholic Church. Also argued is after World War II it is acknowledged and still argued that it was introduced after World War II to create and keep Humanity in a frequency of aggression. Anyway back to the Romans, (they) suppressed the frequencies then (lost) some how the 152 of the best Gregorian chants, including the hymns this is what triggered an investigation looking for those frequencies of vibration which music was played in (417Hz) - (444Hz).

The point being to shut down 95% of your brain, particularly the right brain that operates the heart, mind to the divine Human community. 

Every thought, every emotion response is a frequency. It generates a frequency and it is of itself a frequency.

Hate is a frequency and it's different if your in a room & there's lots of aggression, confliction hatred, you feel it, hence the saying 

(you could cut the air with a knife). That's because the frequencies of hate & conflict have been generated that they've changed the electric magnetic field of the room!

(Credits: Video Advise - London Real & Sue Salty Sha. Thesis-1977)

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