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Life's Journey with Salty

Your life is meant to be an exhilarating journey, full of experiences,

that is the souls journey. Don't give up keep pushing forward, life will always have challenges to overcome. Sometimes it's the fear of change & a new horizon that holds us back the great thing about walking past it.

Don't fear failure, fear not trying!

If you fall down, get back up!

A dark day brings a light day! A hurt heart, brings a deeper love,

We are here on Earth to maintain balance, it can never be one way or the other,

If life was all pretty & good, we would fall short in the lesson of understanding, we can certainly make the journey easier by staying in the moment, when we constantly think over yesterday then that's what we are creating into our day, the same feeling as yesterday!

If we are thinking about how we want our life tomorrow and working towards that in the NOW, we are creating our tomorrow with (clear intention) will open our road ahead!

Stop being so hard on yourself, thank yourself for all you are, THANK YOURSELF!

''Your Amazing''

If I can see that, why is it, you don't or won't?

Love & Light,


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