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The Code To.... Life is Believe!

Thoughts are like waves,

let them come in and let them go out, Rips and tides roll around beneath even though the surface maybe calm, What you think out just as the wave is carried by the tide, Will come back in crashing to shore, to your door! What you think matters, what you think out, is what you draw in, Don't focus on past experiences, you're just recreating them into your life, You are the creator of your life, focus on what you do want not what you don't want in your life, what you believe you shall have, what you believe you become! Feel what you desire as if you already have it, not down the track, as if you already have it, believe it, feel it & it will be it! You are the creator of your life....no one else!

You are infinite possibility, say it! Say it again, Say it with conviction NOW I AM INFINITE POSSIBILITY, That you are my friend! Believe is the CODE

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