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(Free to use - Royalty Free) After download cost- Licence is as simple as possible, keep reading to find out more....


What is Allowed?

All Affirmation, Storyline, Music tracks & Art Videos on this site.... Music tracks are free to use - (Royalty Free).... 


Attribution IS required....

Giving credit to the Artist/Writer/Narrator: Sue Salty Sha

(Abstract Soundscape) with a link back -  I/We will really appreciated this!


You can modify the tracks, blend or cut. Be creative and edit them as you like.


Respect the hard work of the Artist and keep these restrictions in mind.


What is NOT Allowed?


Don't use any affirmation/storyline, music tracks in a bad light or in a way that is offensive.


Don't sell unaltered copies of an affirmation/storyline or music track, e.g. as an mp3 or wave file or on a physical product without modifying it first.​

Don't imply endorsement of your product by Abstract Soundscape on video or documentary.


Don't redistribute or sell any affirmation/storyline or music tracks on any music platforms Copyright @ Abstract Soundscape - ©  All Rights Reserved 2024.



Complete your video/documentary with affirmation or storyline track,


Some of the use cases for which you can use affirmations & music tracks from Abstract Soundscape 


Creating Video/Documentary/Advertising

On your website, blog or app

Promote your product

Share them on social media

All Affirmation/Storyline & music tracks & Art Video's remain the property, Copyright All Rights Reserved @ Abstract Soundscape 2024  

Monetarized Sites & Affiliates

If you are downloading my music to use on a monetarized sites, please ensure you link back to this website -

All tracks are Copyright, All rights reserved Abstract Soundscape 2024 (Tracks can not be sold or distributed on any platform. Review this licence here.


Thank You for using an Abstract Soundscape, music background track, I / We hope our track or art work compliments your work with great attraction.  Sincere Appreciation, Abstract Soundscape, Artist - Sus Salty Sha, Sue Salty Sha Music


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