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My Belief....As an omnist-pantheist, I believe in the existence of a divine force that permeates everything in the universe. My belief system is rooted in the idea that all religions and spiritual practices hold some truth, and that the divine can be found in all things. Through this lens, I seek to find meaning and purpose in life, and to connect with the world around me in a deeper way.

Pantheism - Balance of the Universal laws

Above all there is ONE Divine Creator, 

look around you & tell me this is not so! Creation is perfect, the Divine Creator is hidden in plain sight in everything we see.

Everything we feel we are energy, frequency & vibration & beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Humanity has faced many rulers & Gods through history our belief system is indoctrinated to us depending on the current over Lords of the time that wish to impose a narrative to ensure their outcomes.

The teachings of our ancient ones are a fascinating journey an enriching journey of how we came to be and how we fit into the cosmos, to ignore any of our ancient teachers is to deny ourself an understanding of what it is to be human.

To live in these times is the luckiest humanity has ever been as most on Earth are able to choose, to study, to research ancient history  and form your own understanding of the truth of what you feel comfortable believing in. Teachings are but an interpretation of a scribe or writer. Consciousness and our awareness connects us to that divine source, we are always connected  there is no favour we are birthed with 'free will' you get to choose.

While we are unable to choose what others may do unto us good or bad,  we DO get to choose how we react in the outcome of any experience, we are here to experience for that is the souls journey, we experience yin/yang positive & negative and what we believe, from any experience we shall have that is the way, the law of the Universe.  Universal Laws

Connecting to Source,

We have all been given the ability to connect with the Divine Source the Creator of all, by way of our body mind system we are all connected.

We have been created with a sophisticated mind body system what ever frequency our body is running on is the same frequency we will attract back to our self. If we emanate negativity- (low frequencies as in anger, hatred, fear and so on) we create & attract low frequency experiences to our self. I f we emanate positive- (high frequencies) love, happiness, success so on) we create & attract positive experiences to our self.

If we can live our lives in the NOW, in the moment we create a flowing ability to emanate positive we create & manifest a positive day in our tomorrow. I we live our days thinking on an experience of what happened yesterday or in the past we are recreating that experience into our life, this is why we may get the same experience over and over. see my page on frequency - BRAIN-BODY FREQUENCY

Empower Growth - Abstract Soundscape

  Placing Your Awareness,

I invite you, to think about how much time you have spent in your life thinking how unworthy you are, and the time spent on negative thoughts, what if you reversed this and practiced telling yourself that you are worthy that everything you desire is here for you. Try changing one negative thought every day to a positive thought, work at it every day! Say it until you believe it, then what you desire will manifest into your life!


 I f you can see thoughts as a garden. Just

like good thoughts there are bad thoughts

(positive & negative) like your garden you've

planted flowers & still  the weeds will grow.

When you water your garden, the water will

not nourish the flowers only, also the weeds

will grow.


Wherever you place your awareness, on the good thoughts you want to grow or are you placing your awareness on the weeds, the thoughts you don't want to grow. The choice is up to you think about what you are believing of your thoughts, what you believe of your thoughts is telling your subconscious mind what you want to manifest into your life.

Awareness - Abstract Soundscape

Spiritually Connecting to Source,

 you are & have always been connected to the Divine Source to enhance that connection you can meditate, talk too, focus your awareness on through conciousness, place your awareness on the crown of your head and visualize your awarenss travelling out of your body always ask for protection of light source. If you wish to communicate with ascended Masters simply ask to communicate with only those from the higher realms of 5th dimension & higher. 

Asking of the Divine Source,

There is an old term (saying) be careful what you wish for, or be careful what you ask for, this is true!

This is what the word prays, to pray to ask from source to payer to God or another deity. The best time to ask for something from source is in quiet reflection so just before falling to sleep in that moment of lull void, whatever you think before falling asleep is what will create tomorrow if your sub-conscious believes it to be true. So what you request in thought your unsleeping sub-conscious mind will endeavour to manifest  into your day or days ahead, the request must be clear and not relenting what I mean by this YOU must believe your request it is your belief in something that will convince your sub-conscious mind that your request is true. Believing is the CODE.

Life's Journey,

Life is a journey, I believe there are no mistakes , only experiences!

I liken it to you are birthed unto this earth....

example: you will be dropped on a map some place here on earth from there

as an infant & childhood you are raised & loved by parent/s, family, guardian, (here's hoping your childhood was blessed, this doesn't happen for all of us) You will make friends, you will be guided through a life designed map, school, community & society.


Coming of age, it is up to you to navigate your map of your life's journey. Hopefully you have a sound foundation with wisdom navigation skills!  

You will navigate every turn, you will travel down untold roads of wrong turns & right turns, you will meet many people some good, some bad, you will at times feel lost and at times be definitley lost however your life is rich of guides spiritually & earthly that can help you back to a safe road when you have lost trust in yourself  & other, you can always call on the Divine Source & your own higher self for guidance but know regardless you are always loved and connected to your God your truth!

Is God, Elohim, and Yahweh -(YHWH) the same?

Today we understand the terms El, Yahweh, and Elohim and their derivatives to be synonyms. Originally, they were distinct deities that were eventually merged into one, as was common practice in antiquity.

Is God a male? Is God a man?

Perhaps I should ask a female given the Universe creates Alpha & Omega,  positive & negative yin/yang feminine & masculine....

perhaps I should ask a plant, a bird, a dolphin that question!

What I can say is.  

my life journey this far with all the bad & all the good,

What an amazing place to be, what a fantastic experience a life's journey here in this 3rd-4th-dimensional space time experience.

I invite you to have a look through my website,

I hope you may find a piece to your life's puzzle this website is a collection of my 45 years research, 64 years of my life's journey.


Love & Light to all 

Sue Salty Sha

I believe there's wisdom to be found in all teachings. The Earth-Ki has seen many gods, godessess and prophets  & as to who you worship "they" answer to the same Divine Creator, our life journey and our Soul journey is but a fractal within the Cosmos.

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